Autism Diagnostic Assessments

Being neurodivergent can make living in a largely neurotypical world challenging at times. Greater understanding about your child’s neurodevelopmental profile can assist others in recognising their strengths, unique qualities and identify supports.

Our Team

Our assessment team comprises of a Clinical Psychologist, Speech and Language therapist & a special education needs psychologist who provide comprehensive assessments to accurately identify any underlying neurodevelopmental differences your child or adolescent may be experiencing. Our assessments and reports are recognised by governing bodies such as the HSE & utilise gold standard assessment tools; namely the ADI-R, ADOS & MIGDAS, to support you and your child to develop a deep understanding of their unique developmental profile & abilities.

Autism Assessment

What is it?

A comprehensive Autism assessment involves observations with the young person, collection of supportive information from multiple sources (e.g. school/daycare) and a parent interview addressing the DSM-V Autism Spectrum Disorder criteria. A Speech Pathologist & Clinical Psychologist are involved as part of the assessment process.

Our Neurodevelopmental Assessment Journey Together

1 | Make an Enquiry

Please note our child autism assessment waitlist is temporarily paused.

2| Client Information Forms

  • You will be sent a comprehensive parent form to complete via a secure online link . 
  • Your child’s school/educational or care setting will also be sent a form to complete via a secure online link.
  • You may be asked to share any historical professional reports at this stage, if applicable

3 | Payment

A secure payment link will be emailed to you, with details of the appointment dates and times. Invoices to be paid a minimum of 48 hours prior to assessment

Please note if your assessment is being funded by a third party, this step does not apply. 

4 | Assessment

You will be given a date and time for the initial phase of the assessment which involves a parent interview (ADI-R). This will take approximately 2 hrs.

5| Face to Face with child

A face to face ADOS-2 assessment will be carried out with your child and two professionals (i.e. a speech and language therapist and clinical psychologist) at our clinic. This will take approximately 30 mins – 50 mins (age dependent).

6| Final Consultation

We will arrange a final consultation with you to discuss the report, recommendations and next steps

7| Final Report and Completion

Both clinicians will complete a report with all the information gathered from people in your child’s life and the informed assessments. The report information will include recommendations on educational needs, additional supports, necessary therapies, and parent/teacher resources. You will receive the full report within four weeks of your last assessment appointment. 

Your assessment journey is then complete.

We accept referrals for assessments from people of all genders and backgrounds. We are attentive to the care needed when assessing girls, women, and gender-diverse individuals, who often go undiagnosed because their symptoms present more subtly to the more traditionally recognised characteristics of Autism Spectrum Conditions in males.

Please note if a cognitive assessment is necessary, we will advise you of this and schedule it with one of our psychologists for an additional fee.